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Thrift Shopping for Furniture

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We've made it convenient and easy for you to find the furniture you've been searching for at the price you feel comfortable paying.

Deep Discounts on Furniture

Since our furniture is second hand, gently used, we are able to resell it to you at a substantial savings off of the original retail price as when it was new. Many of the second hand brand name furniture pieces we sell are made from craftsman-quality wood and materials and our sale price offers you tremendous value.

That's why we're called Value Thrift Shop!

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse

We know you want to help save the planet. That's why it's important to keep large pieces of furniture cycling out of landfills. By purchasing furniture that was pre-loved, you get the opportunity to make a difference in helping the environment, all while getting the furniture you need at exceptionally low prices.


DIY is the newest phase hitting the resale furniture market and you can join in on the fun. Find your furniture at Value Thrift Shop in Aldan, Delaware County, PA, sand it down, repaint it, and make it look like new! Repurpose an old metal filing cabinet as kitchen cabinets ---old door can be used as a table top. The ideas for repurposing are endless.

Get more ideas here.

Value Thrift Shop is located in Aldan, PA and has been in business for 6+ years. We have a loyal following and we want to invite you to come in and see what's here for your thrift shop outings. Bring a friend or two!

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